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Oh what a week it has been. A very hard week, if you ask me and millions of other people in America. Our worst nightmares came true. I actually refused to watch the inauguration but read about it later. Chose to focus my energy on Women`s March on Washington the following day. What an amazing and empowering experience! I regained some faith in people and can only hope that we keep the momentum going for the next four years. I do not believe that chanting "love trumps hate" and "we have to unite" will make any difference nor is the answer. Instead, I want to see us keep a very close eye on all elected officials - on federal and local level -  and call them out on every decision that does not have citizens as main beneficiaries in mind. We cannot let racist, sexist or intolerant remarks be part of mainstream discourse and we have to stand up for minorities and people in need, get involved and be part of our communities. Everything starts at local lever. But most of all we have to remember that elected officials serve us, not the other way around.

I know some people will unfollow me - it had actually already happened - or not agree with my beliefs, but I do not care. I come from a country that had to fight for its freedom and independence several times and can assure you that democracy and human rights are not given, do not take them for granted America. I have already witnessed my home country going down a path almost identical to the one America had chosen this election. If you want to get some details and get acquainted with what is ahead of us read The Party That Wants to Make Poland Great Again. It is a very good, based on facts read - I promise. No fake news there.

I could go on and on about current political situation but I want to share some web finds I have found interesting this past week.

This made me LOL - A Selection of 30 Most Disappointing Under 30

Please, read this, it`s so true - Confessions of an Instagram Influencer

Fashion industry in finally changing and I am so curious what the next few years will bring - Versace Says No to Couture Shows

An interior of a Polish apartment that I love

Attract the Love of Your Life With This One Science-Backed Trick

Loved this DIY credenza by Sarah Sherman Samuel


Until next time my friends.

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