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We are officially in August and I am panicking just a little bit looking at my to do list and set deadlines. The new collection is coming together, but per usual, everything takes more time than anticipated. I am working on finding the most efficient processes as I go and improve the work flow in my tiny studio - adding a yardage printing table to the mix definitely forced me to be even more organized. I can`t wait to show you everything I have been working on but be sure you follow me on Instagram since I share sneak peeks of the new additions and the studio.

The summer has been very fussy here in Vermont, very hot days mixed with heavy rain make it hard to plan any trips. I am lucky to live very close to the highest mountains in VT so I have been doing some hiking lately. Nothing better than a good workout rewarded by breathtaking view from the top of the mountain. In this part of the country we know the summer is almost over and we should cherish every day. Whatever you are up to I hope it`s relaxing and fun!


Here is what I`ve been reading:

6 Successful Women on What it Takes To Get Ahead - loved reading this.

BBC Publishes Pay of Top Stars, Revealing Gender Gap - yep... still a thing. More companies should be forced to publish data like this. Transparency is the only way to make equal pay a reality.

Interior Design Reveal: Project Kralingen - do you know Avenue Design Studio? An interior design, styling and photography studio based in The Netherlands, created by two amazing ladies, Holly and Hedda. If you are not familiar, please visit their website - it`s SO good. They are masters in creating modern, minimalist but livable spaces.

My 30 Personal Dating Rules - my dating times are over but this made me (and my husband) laugh so hard!

Travel Secrets the Average Passenger Doesn`t Know - number four is very interesting...

Behind the Simply Stunning Designs of Farmhouse Pottery - created by husband and wife duo, this Vermont based pottery studio has been getting a lot of deserved press coverage lately. Their wares are stunning! Check them out.


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