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Notes / Thirteen

Summer is coming to an end in Vermont with nights getting colder and leaves starting to turn. Crazy, I know. I am deep into putting final touches on my new collection and hope to release all the new arrivals at the end of this month. If you want to be the first one to know, sign up for the newsletter. I have photoshoots scheduled for today and next Friday so make sure you check my IG story for sneak peeks.


Here is what I`ve been reading:

How To Pick Stock And Start Investing: one of those things that everyone should know but most people have no idea where to start.

Lessons from Netflix`s Minimalism Documentary: I really want to watch this film. It you`ve seen it, please let me know what you though of it.

5 Habits Of Confident Women: so true

DYI Geometric Lampshade: I might try this. One day, when I have some spare time...

Fertility Startup Offering $149 At-Home Tests: First of all, I think this is genius and second of all, I cannot believe it hasnt`s been invented until now.

Some Friends Fan Figured Out How Much Money Joey Owed Chandler: I am in the middle of rewatching Friends so this made me laugh.

This House By Polish Interior Designer: falls under `dream home` category


Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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