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Hand screen printed home textiles

How is it July already?! Time flies... I spent the holiday weekend, or at least part of it, in the studio, testing new patterns, repeats and ink colors, making final tweaks to the new designs and finalizing processes for printing hand silk screened fabric. There is a lot that goes into it, especially when working in a small space, but it`s soooo worth it. There is some kind of magic in hand screen printed fabric that simply cannot be achieved by digital print. I am planning on releasing my new collection in August - fabric by the yard, pillows and an exciting new line of products! Stay tuned!

Here is what I`ve reading this week:

The Landsby - this small apartment in California is a perfect example of neutral decor done right. I wouldn`t mind moving in!

The Top 10 Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - surprised? I was.

Property Brothers Is Being DVR`d on Air Force One - this just made me LOL

Kinfolk Office & Gallery - ohh Kinfolk, you never disappoint.

Celebrities Who Are Basically Immune to Aging All Do These 6 Things - I am happy to say I do all but meditation, so I guess I will be young forever :)

How to Dock Like a Boss - if you haven`t seen this video, you have to! It`s hilarious and makes me laugh every time.

What The Health - have you seen this documentary? I am sure audience is divided, per usual, but for me it was only a confirmation of what I already knew about meat and dairy. I was, however, shocked by some facts regarding the involvement of big food corporations in government health agencies. If you haven`t seen this film yet, please do. It`s available on Netflix.


Happy weekend!!


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