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It`s been a very exciting week here at Made of Cloth studio. We booked our next European vacation! Some of you may know that my husband and I go to Poland once a year, usually around September, to see my family and friends, and from there we adventure to another European destination. This year we decided on Barcelona, Spain. The dates of our trip happened to be set for us this time around which brings me to the biggest highlight of the week. I am honored and humbled to announce that I`ve been selected as one of the winners of 2017 must have award! It`s a prestigious title given to selected designers, makers and artists by Lodz Design Festival and a board of experts from the design field in Poland. It comes with an official title, trophy (!), mentions in several international publications and  - the most exciting part - a chance to be a part of an exhibition during Design Week in Poland!! Obviously, I am going to take that opportunity to show my goods :) That is a big deal for me guys! I have attended the event in the past but never thought my work would be a part of it. Never. Since I need to be in Poland during the Design Week, out trip to Europe is set for end of September to mid October. If you want to read more about the event and award go to Lodz Design Festival website - you can view the site in english.

Also, I have shared this before but in case you missed it, I have been fortunate to be interviewed by PBS for Green Mountain Artisans series and you can watch my TV debut right here, on the blog, just take a look at couple posts back.


Here is what I`ve been reading lately:

This story of a woman who confronted her significant other in public & the witness who documented the whole thing on Tweeter made me laugh SO hard.

I always look for an inspiration so this story is right up my alley - how one woman started a $25 million company after being let go.

This is not the newest article but so worth reading - basing your life on what you can afford.

Here is what the healthiest people do every day - It`s work in progress for me but I get better every single day.

Have you seen this before - an inbox of forgotten emails - such an interesting concept to share those...

I try to make sense of social media and world we live in every single day and thought this article was very interesting - free press brought to you by Warby Parker

This apartment in Helsinki is absolutely stunning. The styling is on point and the interior looks like actual people live in there.


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