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Happy 4th of July weekend my friends! I am currently in New Hampshire, celebrating my father-in-law`s 60th birthday, hanging out with family, bird watching, playing table games (I won twice last night) and just having fun.

Past couple of weeks were quiet. I had some custom silk screens delivered and am excited to test them out. I have been making my own and decided to outsource this task for the first time, to see if there is a significant difference in quality and decide if it`s worth the investment. I am planning my first printing session for tomorrow or Monday - stay tuned, I might show you some peeks on IG story. Both designs are new, fresh out of my sketchbook!

Here is what I have been reading lately:

This 4-Month Cruise Will Take You to 49 Cities in 32 Countries on 6 Continents - I am not a huge fan of organized, group vacation or cruises but if I had the money I would sign up out of curiosity. And for 4-month long vaca , obviously:)

Essential Oils: 7 Smart DIYs for Your Home - I have been getting into essential oils lately, mixing them up in multiple combinations so this article was really helpful. All natural bug repellent works like a charm.

Time For Tea Measuring Cups - these are so cute I might have to order them! Just one of those things that make you smile every time you get to use it. And life is all about those moment, right?

Ceramics: The Worldly Forms of Malinda Reich - I fell in love with her work immediately. I just love discovering new art and makers.

This Is How Much Kim Kardiashian West Made in 20 Minutes From Her New Beauty Line - Call me old fashioned but I will never understand this phenomenon.

Scandinavian Minimalism in a New York Apartment - this space is just stunning and I want to move in immediately!




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