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Last couple of weeks have been full of photoshoots, computer work and getting ready for the launch of my spring collection - set your alarms for Monday March 6th, fresh pillows and fabrics are coming your way! The amount of work that goes into behind the scenes of running a business and releasing new products surpasses the creative part -in case you are wondering:) But I would not have it any other way.

Another good news - I finally finished renovating my master bedroom that will be revealed this Monday along new arrivals. As some of you may know from my IG, I decided to use this labor of love as a background for my spring collection. Some of you may also know that I was planning on framing some artwork I had bought in Malta last year failed miserably. Stay tuned for take two - my plan is to visit some local antique shops and hunt the perfect gold frames.

Here are some things I found interesting:

I discovered this song through Pandora and cannot stop listening to it! - SOHN The Wheel

In case you are wondering what `working class` really means in America right now - read this New York Times article

How remote Pacific islands are trying to stop obesity - I love it!

Anyone else like pantsuits? - NYFW`s biggest trend

I am absolutely in love with this apartment!

And this is my favorite idea of all times :) - how to enjoy wine with your cat


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