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Last several weeks have been pretty busy. I might not have shared as much as I probably should have, however I promise there is a lot exciting things in the works. I have been doing some soul searching and redefining what I want my little business to be as well as developing a system to hand screen print my own yardage in my small VT studio - those two are very closely related. The last few years have been a constant learning process for me and some things that seemed impossible to achieve even a year ago are now within reach, so I am really excited to go back to the roots of how my art making process started. More co come.


Here is what I have been reading recently.

I am constantly inspired by successful female entrepreneurs and Birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp is no exception. This interview is a must read.

Did you know that Banksy opened a hotel in the West Bank?

I am planning on taking a trip to Boston to see this exhibition of art objects that belonged to Matisse - “Matisse in the Studio,” on view at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) from April 9 through July 9.

Who new that New York State had a secret stash of midcentury-modern houses? Well, some people, I am sure. Not me though.

This New York Times article about a day in the life of a food vendor was fascinating.

Gosh, this Notting Hill Townhouse is a dream!!





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