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How is it already almost end of July?! Crazy! It`s been a busy couple of weeks. If you follow me on IG, you probably know that I participated in an amazing event - Artist as Designer - where ten Vermont artists/makers were selling their goods while demonstrating their process. Or at least part of it. I decided to share my screen printing routine. It was amazing to see everyone - from kids to adults - watch what goes into making a textile, ask questions and understand the complexity of steps to get to final product. It was a lot of fun and I am already excited for next year`s event! Also, you can go back to my IG post where I tagged all participating artists and check them out. It`s an amazing group of people shaping the new wave of modern design in Vermont.

I am also getting ready to show you what I`ve been up to design and new collection wise. Stay tuned for the launch date, but I have some exciting new products in works that I think you will love! As a textile designer, one of my goals is to create products that you can enjoy every day, items you can live with and love. Not too precious but still beautiful. Merging form and function, design and usability. More and more of that is coming your way very soon.


Here is what I`ve been reading:

Brandless - very interesting concept, however I feel like it might become a brand of itself...

How To Wash a Down Comforter - thank you! I`ve been thinking about it while stuffing my winter comforter into a plastic trash bag to put on a closet shelf until next season. Turns out... I shouldn`t have done that. Live and learn.

10 Simple Habits That Will Improve Your Life - I`m not a person to look for one step solutions to happiness or health but those ten steps look reasonable and I already follow few of them. Now, how to implement the rest?

How Does Roth IRA Work? - for all of you, self employed especially. Retirement is something most of us start thinking of way too late.

Modern, Industrial Home That`s Hidden Inside a Traditional Tuscan Villa - this house gives me all the feels. It`s modern but with a touch of rustic. Maybe a little too industrial for me but I am still in love.

The Healthiest Types of Grains For Every Diet - I`ve been vegetarian for two years but just recently decided on going vegan. I`m very food conscious and want to know all there is about everything that goes into my body, so I found this article useful.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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