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It`s a rainy day here in Vermont, but it seems like a fair deal after being spoiled by sun and higher temps for nearly a week (!) - it is VT after all. I am looking forward to the weekend and meeting all other designers participating in Artist as Designer: Exhibition, Demonstration & Sale. Georgia Ayers - you might know her husband Jeremy Ayers, amazing potter - who is organizing this event, is having us over for dinner this Saturday. It will be so much fun!

Some of you know that on top of running my business I have been maintaining a full time job - I have posted about it few times. It`s allowed me to make decisions based on what and when I want to create as well as take risks, without worrying about the monetary consequences. However, this little corner of the world, this piece of me is what I would love to do full time and take to the next level. I have been contemplating few options and ways how I can make a change in my `desk work` life to spend more time building this dream of mine. I am happy to say that I reduced my hours and starting this week will no longer work Fridays! Be prepared for more behind the scenes, IG stories and general activity from me on that day. Small steps my friends.

Ps. I am writing this from my studio and it feels amazing to be here on a regular work week day doing what I love!


Here is what I`ve been reading:

How Bots Are Inflating Instagram Egos - we live in a crazy world... Lets remind ourselves daily, that honesty, fair game and authenticity are still valued and appreciated very very much.

Design Disruptors: 14 Names Shaking Up The Industry In A Major Way - I agree with some of those while others not so much. I feel like long gone are days when magazines, bloggers, online publications etc looked for and supported - without monetary compensation - small businesses, artists and makers. I see same faces everywhere, and please don`t get me wrong, some of them deserve to be featured. However, from a very small business owner perspective, I will tell you that it is almost impossible to get press without paying for it or hiring PR agency. I have been featured by some amazing bloggers who, I believe, truly liked my product and wanted to support my brand, but that is not the norm nowadays.

IKEA Products Might Be Soon Available On Amazon - have you heard? Yes, please! There is no IKEA in VT, closest store is in Montreal and you can only imagine that crossing a border with car filled with newly purchased items is simply a painful experience. Plus, their online store does not offer all of their products and shipping costs are insane.

Kamala Harris Is Interrupted While Pressing a Senate Witness - Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat of California, was cut off by Republican senators on Tuesday as she questioned Attorney General Jeff Sessions during the latest high-profile Senate Intelligence Committee hearing in its investigation into Russian election interference. I have no many things to say about this situation but I am going to refrain to one - it would never happen to a male senator. Unexceptable.

Fresh And Playful Home - oh how in love I am with this apartment. Such a quintessential Scandinavian decor.

That is it for today. Have a wonderful weekend!

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