Notes 11.11

This week has been very emotional for me. Not only because of the election but also on a very personal level. I am still not sure how to cope with all of this and hope that taking it day by day will clear my mind and put things in perspective. Also, I somehow have to restore my faith in humanity, if anyone has any tips, please share.

Personally, I am a very political and opinionated person. I was raised in a liberal, progressive family and knew, from a very young age, that it is my responsibility as a citizen of the world to be informed about what is happening, not only in country you live in but others too. I do not share my opinions on social media (it is not my job) - except this one time. I am deeply upset by how easy it is to manipulate people and how underinformed they are (or not willing to educate themselves). We, as human beings should be in a place where poverty and starving children are not a problem, where we treat each other with respect and help one another. Where health care and education are basic rights, not privilege. I also believe that as human beings we should always move forward but instead, America decided to go backwards. I do believe in tolerance and trying to understand, always try to understand, but it is so hard when half of the country decided to elect a person who stands for the exact opposite of my values.

That is all. I put it out there, into the world wide web. Maybe it will help me cope and put my emotions in order.

Here are few things I found interesting this week:

I was truly impressed by Emily Henderson, her open mind and attempt to understand why people voted for Donald Trump.

I come from democracy where popular vote determines who wins the election. This was a very good read.

10 Wildly Successful Women Who Hustled Their Way to the Top was one of the best reads this week. I actually printed it out and clipped to my "When in doubt..." board.

I have praised this book on IG already but it is truly one of the most inspirational titles out there. Please, pick up a copy if you have not already.

I am in love with this couch and am planning on getting it for our living room. Check out the rest of Furniture Maison offerings. Absolutely amazing.

Check out our newest stockist The Knapsack Store in Colorado. Gorgeous space, filled with carefully curated home & supply goods.

Have a good weekend and come back Monday to see my first collection of fabric by the yard! I promise, it`s a good one.

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  • Thank you for your thoughts. I agree with you and think we are actually in the majority.

    Kristin on

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