Make Your Own Christmas Tree Ornaments

I am not a minimalist when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree. The idea of keeping my tree in one color scheme, just to be "on trend" is just not me. My memories growing up involve a huge and real floor to ceiling tree - everything looks bigger when you are a child - and I clearly remember the magical feeling of opening boxes filled with old, hand made and truly precious ornaments. My Mom would get a few new ones each year to add to the collection but they were always one of a kind, hand painted, hand crafted, unique pieces. Nothing mass produced. When I first started dating my now husband, he got me a pewter snowflake ornament - they release new one every year - and it became our little tradition to add one to our collection each holiday season. I am also a huge fan of creating my own, one of a kind and memory filled ornaments. That being said, I am delighted to share with you a tutorial for one of my absolute favorite and very easy to make glass Christmas tree ornaments. 
Easy DYI holiday decor
Here is what you are going to need:
glass balls - I got two sizes
• little spoon
• ribbon
sparkling hand made christmas tree ornaments
made of cloth holiday christmas tree ornament tutorial
Remove the cap from the top of your glass ball and pour some of the liquid adhesive inside. Make sure you cover the inside of the ball really well - dump the excess out.
christmas tree DYI ornamentmake your own glass ornaments craft with kids
Next step is to sprinkle a spoonful of powder pigment inside the ball and shake it. Repeat with all the colors you had chosen - one at a time, until the inside of the ball is covered in pigment. There are no right or wrong color combinations or techniques - just go for it and have fun! When you`re done, place the cap back and finish each ornament with a ribbon. They will be ready to hang on your tree!
Holiday Decoration DYI
easy to make hand made ornaments
easy DYI weekend craft christmas ornaments

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  • These are so pretty and I love that you can change up the colors, tho the ones so you selected are gorgeous!

    JUlia on

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