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I am a huge fan of open and airy spaces. Growing up in Poland I was fortunate enough to live in a spacious house with big windows and lots of natural light. When I moved to the US, almost seven years ago my husband was renting a tiny, attic apartment, we laughed it was "closet size", with no yard or deck. It was our mission to buy a house and make it our own. So we did. Its been 4.5 years and we have been working on transforming space after space ever since. It`s a long and tedious journey but I love every minute of it! One day I will share all of it with you here but for now I thought it would be fun to show you spaces that inspire me. Just a warning, they will be a lot of European decor and styles that are not necessarily popular in the US. But I am European after all:)

 Today I want to show you the home of Cille Grut, an interior stylist who lives with her family near Copenhagen, Denmark. It`s a cottage style home built in 1875.

Cille is very aware of color keynote, which sets the scene for her home. She likes gray. And gray is not just gray: "I have worked in this profession for many years and can see the shades down in the detail. For me, a nice gray neutral base is to build from. I've always been crazy about gray-beige colors - those we call noncolors which are colors that are in the shades of others. I chose to paint with very dull colors, which are down to gloss 2, which means that paint in powdery. "

 And with her huge passion for arranging it's also a pleasure to work with arranging other people's homes. "It's great to get hold of people's entire home. (...) it is important to be true to the architecture and not necessarily paint kitchen a high-gloss, because it is modern. One must make some long-term solutions. When I need to make a refresher, I remove almost everything and start over. The method can also be easily used in your own home. All homes would benefit from taking everything out and looking critically at it with fresh eyes. "


All Images via ELLE Decoration Denmark

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